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Brazilian SND on pilgrimage in Rome


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On July 21st, the arrival of 3 sisters from the Canoas Province and 3 sisters from the Passo Fundo Province, Brazil, brought joy to the Motherhouse community. On the first day the Motherhouse community became acquainted with the pilgrim sisters as they introduced themselves very creatively with an informative PowerPoint on their communities and ministries in Brazil.

Accompanied by our Brazilian Sisters, Sister Maria Alcidia and Sister Deisi Maria, the pilgrims are able to explore the great history of our Church with the chance to see the tombs of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, to celebrate Mass in the rooms of St. Ignatius, to appreciate the magnificent Basilicas, beautiful architecture, the ruins, the Catacombs and all kinds of arts in the ancient city of Rome. After visiting the gorgeous Vatican Museums they joined thousands of faithful in St. Peter’s Square to pray the Angelus with the Holy Father, Pope Francis. On this occasion, they were delighted to meet a group of Brazilian pilgrims from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the same as their own.

They were impressed with an archives tour offered by Sister Maria Elke who also showed them the original letters of our foundress, Sister Maria Aloysia Wolbring. Their schedule also includes a two week pilgrimage to the Congregational sites in Germany. May the days to come provide more opportunities for them to experience the blessings of being part of an international community and enrich their spiritual journey.


From the left to right: Sister Maria Sidonia (Passo Fundo), Sister Maria Juliana (Canoas), Sister Maria Noemia (Canoas), Sister Maria Gaudete (Passo Fundo), Sister Maria Alcidia (Generalate), Sister Maria Alda Passo Fundo), Sister Deisi Maria (Generalate), Sister Maria Rita (Canoas).

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